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What have you gotten yourself into now?

When Richard, the town farmer, finds himself at the center of his wife's murder, it's up to him (or you) to figure out what the hell to do.

You live on a small island village, with friendly people, law enforcement, and your wife.
Everyday starts the same, harvest yesterday's crops, give them to your wife, and plant some more. Forever and ever, maybe sometimes you head to the market to pick up some tools.
But one day, that all changed, late at night, you lash out at your wife, and kill her. As you feel her pulse stop, you have no idea what to do. Will you turn yourself in? Or will you hide, stealthily avoiding punishment.
Make your choice in the First Part of this 2 game duology.

Meet friendly faces! Make friends, make enemies! Make your own story. With endless possibility to how your scheme will end up, there is no way you'll make it out of this scot-free, as you'll have more than just your wife, taken away from you.

Replanted is primarily based on the "Evil Farming Game" myth.

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